Alum Block

Here’s Why You Should Try Out An Alum Block For Your Next Shave!

Most men who do not have beards use aftershave to reduce skin irritation and help soften skin. These aftershaves typically come in the form of balms, creams, or splashes.

Are They Effective Aftershave Alternatives?

This is typically what people think of when they think of aftershave. However, there are other types of aftershave alternatives that you can choose from. One such product is an alum block or alum stone.  Read on to learn more.

So, What is an Alum block or Alum stone?

Alum is a mineral salt that has antiseptic qualities. It is similar to a crystal and is comprised of potassium and alum. In some instances, you alum may also contain aluminum.

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Alum uses

Alum BlockThough it can be used as a sterilizing agent, it can also be used as a balm to calm and sooth your skin after shaving.  It is a very helpful product to use on cuts and nicks in your skin. The block stops bleeding very quickly. It also helps the sooth razor burn sometimes experienced immediately after shaving. If you have oily skin, you can use an alum block as an aftershave. The dryness of the alum is balanced by your skin’s oils.

How to use alum

Begin by getting your face wet with water. Next, get the alum wet with cool water and rub it on your face. If you shave with a straight razor, you can use the alum prior to shaving as it tightens your skin and makes for a nice, clean shave.

Additional information

If you have dry skin, you may not want to use alum stones or blocks as the astringent quality tends to dry skin out. This will make dry skin even dried and more uncomfortable. Sensitive skin may also not respond well to alum. Please note that excessive use of alum may make normal skin types feel dry.

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