Best Electric Shaver For Black Men: An In-Depth Guide

Best shaver For Black MenIt is quite a dilemma when you have to find the best electric shaver for black men. But don’t fret, there are tons of options available.

Darker skin tones and coily hair have unique properties, which means the right shaver needs to be chosen in order to ensure black men get the perfect cut.

Best Electric Shaver For Black Men: Shaving Problems

If you have curly hair, you must choose your electric razors wisely in order to prevent the following problems:

Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hairs happen during your hair growth process. When your hair is growing out of the surface of the skin, it starts moving back into the skin or sideways,  due to the curliness of the hair. This leads to tiny swellings or bumps on the face.

Also, Ingrown hair may lead to infections. However, it’s more prone to happen when you shave and the facial hair is cut unevenly. You’ll notice symptoms of ingrown hair if there’s remaining stubble after shaving.

Shaving Bumps

This problem is more prevalent than ingrown hair.

However, it usually happens because of ingrown hair. As you saw before, ingrown hair causes minor swellings or bumps.

Inside the bumps, the hair continues to grow and as a result, dirt and fluids are stored inside. Later, they turn red in color and start to itch, and have a resemblance to pimples.

These razor bumps can break out all over your face, neck to parts of your body which you shave. Sometimes, if you try to remove the inflammation by scratching or pinching, bleeding can occur.

Razor Burns

You finished shaving your dull bearded face. You are expecting a soft smooth skin. But what get is red patchy skin, they appear after the shave.

Razor burns are painstaking than shaving bumps, but it’s still very frustrating. Burns usually happen when you cut your facial hair using a blunt blade.

Since the edge of the blade is not sharp anymore, you apply more pressure on it causing your skin to burn. Razor burns also occur if you move the blade too fast on the skin or if you shave while your skin is too dry.

Cuts and Scratches

Cuts and scratches are a common problem as a result of shaving.

If you apply too much pressure with a new sharp blade, your skin can’t handle the force and hence creates a bruise.

Best Electric Shaver For Black Men: Product Reviews

Now that we had a close look at the different shaving problems faced by black men, let’s take a look at some of the best electric razors for black men that will prevent described complications.

Wahl Professional 8061

Wahl Professional 8061Check PriceWahl Professional 8061 is a great product from the reputed company Wahl— does the job quite well. It promises a close shaving experience and it does not disappoint.

The good news for men with dark skin is there is no need to worry about having any razor bumps. As it provides a smooth shave, there are no chances of having ingrown hairs. You don’t have to apply much pressure while using it. So there are no chances of irritation or burning, either.

The blades are also coated with hypoallergenic foil which ensures no allergy. It is very light and easy to use. You can operate it as either cordless or with the cord, depending on the situation.

The price is quite reasonable compared to the contemporaries (click here to see the price!).

Panasonic ES8103S

Panasonic ES8103SCheck PriceThis Panasonic model is a very classy looking shaver from one of the best electric razor companies, and it doesn’t lack in performance. An extremely suitable shaving device for the men of the African American community, it has many features which provide for a smooth trimming experience.

The machine inside is so powerful and fast that moving over a spot once is enough to give you that close shave. There are four cutting blades on the trimming head, which are coated with hypoallergenic coating. The head is able to move forward and backward and sideways, which allows for a better movement along the neck lines and chin areas preventing any nicks or cuts.

With one hour of charge you can get up to 45 minutes of usage. It can be used for both wet and dry shaving and it is easily washable. The price point may seem a bit high at first. But once you look at the features and the precision with which it works, the cost will seem to be justified.

Braun Series 7-790cc

Braun Series 7- 790ccCheck Price Using the Braun Series 7-790cc you will forget that you ever had any shaving problems at all. You will hardly ever notice any bumps, burns or ingrown hairs.

The best feature of this would be its 3 function modes. These can be used according to the sensitivity of your skin. It seizes flat hair lying n the problematic areas and provides a smooth shave.

The head moves while adjusting itself to the ups and downs of the surface. It also has a side blade for trimming your mustache and sideburns.

It has a docking station, which automatically cleans and dries it at the push of a button making it fresh for next session. With one charge it is able to provide almost 50 minutes of backup. Yes, this is one of the costly trimmers on the market, but the others are not able to pull off such performance as this shaver from Braun.

To learn more about this razor read our review HERE.

Best Electric Shaver For Black Men: Choosing Rotary or Foil

Most electric shavers usually come in two forms—foil or rotary. Foil razors use a hex-shaped surface to grip the hair. Facial stubble is pulled through by blades which move from one side to the other. However, rotary shavers consist of three circular blades that grip the hair. Contrary to what you might think, the blades inside of the shaver don’t move in a circular motion—they move vertically. The type of shaver you use is completely up to you; however, each razor provides slightly different results. 

Foil shavers tend to be better for straight hair, but that doesn’t mean black men can’t use them. It’s just that because of the way foil razors work, they aren’t the best for coiled hair. On the other hand, the vertical motion of rotary shavers provide a clean chop that’s perfect for coarser hair types. If your facial hair has more of a straight texture, you should be fine with using a foil razor—but it’s not recommended for coils. As stated before, either one will work, but it’s all about giving yourself the best shave possible.

Top Beard Styles For Black Men

Now that you know more about the best electric shaver for black men, it’s time to put it to use. There’s no point in having one of the best razors if you don’t put it to good use. If you don’t know how to create beard styles, here are a few suggestions:

The Goatee

The goatee is a classic beard style for men, and it can be shaped and customized to your liking. It’s a look that’s great for guys with round faces because they can connect their beard to their mustache—which gives them a slimmer look. Some men trim the edges of their goatee in think style, while others go thicker.


The Divided Beard

Once your mustache begins to grow, you can spit it into two sides. It’s a nice style that provides a mysterious look. You can also let a little hair grow directly under your bottom lip for a little pizzazz. This type of facial hair is great for men you want to have a daring appeal, yet look attractive.


The Soul Patch

This particular look isn’t for every guy, but some can pull it off well. It’s a popular style with guys who like to have a simple look rather than a traditional beard. It consists of having a clean-shaven face and a small patch of hair situated underneath the bottom lip. Another version of the style is to have a strip of hair extending from the bottom lip to the base of the chin.


The Shaved Beard

Some men like to have facial hair, but prefer a low, trimmed beard. It gives the face a five o’ clock shadow and provides a grown-up appearance without having to maintain a full beard. Plus, this look can be trimmed and shaped to your liking.

The Mini Goatee

The mini goatee is best for guys who don’t have a lot of facial hair to play with but still desire a clean-cut appearance. This look is simple, yet stylish, and it frames the perimeter of your mouth. The mustache extends around the sides of the mouth and connects to the facial hair on the chin. Some men like to let a little patch of hair grow directly underneath the bottom lip as well.

The Bald Man

Lots of bald men like to shave their heads, but keep a full beard on their face. It’s a popular style that provides an attractive look tp most men. Not only does is draw attention, but it also gives guys a more mature look. Plus, men can grow their beards out as long as they’d like.

Mutton Chops

This is a very bold look that not many guys can pull off. To achieve this style, shave the chin, mustache, and soul patch down into a low cut. The hair around the jawline and sideburns should be grown out linger and fuller to give your face contrast.

The Circle Beard

The circle beard fits any face shape, and it lines the jawline from the ears down to the goatee. The goatee portion of the face should grow longer than the rest of the hair so that it can be the focal point of the style.

The Mid-RangeStubble

This particular beard style is a half-way point of growth after you’ve had a clean shave. After a week or so of growing your facial hair back, your face will have stubble on it that provides a classic look. Be cautious though. This style isn’t the easiest to pull off, and it requires close attention to detail. If you let the hair grow out too much, the look is ruined.

What Type Of Beard Should You Choose?

The best beard look is primarily determined by the shape of your face. Finding the best electric shaver for black men won’t matter much if you don’t give yourself the right cut. Check out the tips below:

Long Face 

If you have a long face, it’s wise not to choose a beard style that makes it appear longer. The best facial hair style is the five o’ clock shadow bears and mutton chops. You should steer clear of full narrow beards or extended goatees.

Round Face

If you have a round face, opt for styles that make it look longer. You should choose a look like a goatee or a nicely trimmed beard. On the other hand, stay away from having a large mustache or the mutton chops because it could make your face look wider.

Square Face

A guy with a square shaped face should aim to hide the angles of the face. Short beard styles expose too much of the facial structure. It’s best to choose a goatee of a full beard.

Oval Face

Luckily, men with an oval face shape can pull off any style. An oval-shaped face it the perfect in-between and accommodates a full beard, goatee, soul patch or whatever else you’d like.

Black Men’s Hair Texture

One of the biggest hurdles black men have to get over when shaving is their hair texture—which is why they should use certain razors. These are the primary hair types of black men:

  • Small, tight coils
  • Wavy, zig-zags
  • Scruffy, cotton-like balls

Those are the main textures, but of course, there’s no way to pinpoint what every black man’s hair is like. Nonetheless, black men’s facial hair is a challenge to shave no matter what kind what texture it might be. That’s not to say the black hair isn’t manageable, because it certainly is. However, here are a few scenarios as to why black facial hair requires a bit more attention:


  • Coily hair makes facial hair grow together, and it creates long spirals that grow down the face. Razors that aren’t equipped for black facial hair could get snagged in the coils while shaving.
  • Because black beards are curly, they tend to look shorter than they are because of shrinkage.
  • Coily beards are difficult to comb if it’s not conditioned and moisturized, it’ll also be a bit hard to shave.
  • Some black facial hair grows in a scruffy, zig-zag motion, which requires a good razor to maneuver through the hairs.

Final Thoughts On The Best Electric Shaver For Black Men

At the end of the day, the shaver you choose depends on your skin and hair type. All black men do not have the same skin and hair, so the razor you pick will vary accordingly. Black men have beautiful and unique hair textures that require durable shavers that provide the best cut possible. With that said, the best electric shaver for black men varies from person to person. However, there are lots of great products out there to help men of color groom their facial hair with ease. After looking over the shavers above, which one do you think would be best for you?