Best Electric Shaver For Head 2018/2019

Shaving is such a drag nowadays. There is little to no proper shavers that provide good and clean cut, especially when intending to shave the hair off the head.

Obviously, such an action is dangerous. One wrong slice and you will be diced. Thus is it of utmost importance to choose the perfect shaver when attempting to shave the head. And of course, bleeding can occur anytime.

The perfect shaver needs not only be sharp, but manageable enough to cut only the root hair and not the skin alongside. Human scalp is quite fragile, and provides external protection for the skull. So safety, as well as comfort, must be made sure when shaving the head.

I will be reviewing some new high tech shaving equipment best suited for shaving your skull – such as Panasonic ES-LV65-S, ES-LA63-S, Norelco AT810 and Bald Eagle Pro SkullShaver.

Therefore, this review may aid you to analyze the products you want to purchase.

Panasonic ES-LV65-S

Panasonic ESLV65SThe Panasonic ES-LV65-S Arc5 is well designed and comfy, enabling people to shave with ease.

This efficient and highly advanced device consists of Nanotech blades which are ultra-sharp and resistant to allergies. The Arc5 has got super speed motor which has a better operating time than most of the other shavers.

This multi featured device has the feature Multi-Flex; which allows the shaving head to be pivoted.

It also consist an active shaving sensor, which has the ability to sense different types of hair densities; it modifies the shaving power according to the density, to give a smooth and soft skin.

This wireless shaver can be used for a quick dry shave or on a wet skin anytime, anywhere you want. The shaver also comes with a sonic vibration cleaning mode, which totally washes any hair from the device. As you can see, this shaver is undoubtedly one of the best electric shaver for head.

Panasonic ES-LA63-S

Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4This phenomenal shaver consists of 4 blades and 30 degree Nano blades which help to shave safely and smoothly. Whether your skin is dry or wet, it gives you the perfect cut anytime you need.

It has a fast and powerful motor drive system which allows 45 minutes of usage after charging.

Another commendable feature would be the multi-flex pivoting head; it aids the users to shave in a uniform motion and eases them to shave their neck, chin and jaw.

The Arc4 also features sonic vibration cleaning mode, which removes any unit from the shaver.

This best electric head shaver comes with a travel pouch, pop-up shaver and also has a blue LED display which consist multiple functions.

Philips Norelco AT810

Philips Norelco AT810Philips Norelco AT810 lets you shave like never before. It has the aquatic technology, which helps to shave wet as well as dry skin for extra protection.

This model features dual precision heads; it contain holes and slots which aids to remove both short and long hair comfortably.

With the help of the flex and float system, your face becomes more smooth and clean, as this removes every hair from your face.

Another great feature would be the skin protection system; the shaver contains rounded low friction heads that avoids any skin botheration.

This best electric razor for shaving head comes with a convenient pop-up trimmer, which easily trims your sideburns and moustache the way you want. These cordless shavers also carry a lithium-ion battery, which allows shaving for 50 minutes before charging for 1 hour.

It includes a protection cap, power cord and a cleaning brush.

Bald Eagle Pro Skull Shaver

Bald Eagle Pro Shaver for headBald Eagle Pro is specifically designed for bald people and facial shaving.

Its round, rotatable and flexible shaver head contains five cutters which gives a fast and smooth shave without leaving any cuts or scratches.

You can easily use this cordless shaver for almost 90 minutes before charging.

It also has a LED display, which indicates the battery level.

This Bald Eagle shaver has a glossy design which helps to hold the device more firmly; allowing shaving in a cozy way. You can also clean the razor without opening its head.

The shaver has 5 individual flex actions which help any user to shave conveniently.

This razor also includes a circular motion system, which enables to shave in any direction. The Bald Eagle Pro shaver is definitely among the best electric shaver for bald head in the market.