Travel Shaver Reviews and Packing Essentials You will love

Shavers have become an essential part of daily life for all men. When traveling to and from different locations, the need to have the best travel shaver becomes essential. For that, factors, such as mobility, low weight, appliance, ease of execution, and of course, expense, becomes required.

There are a number of portable electric shavers on the market that, while cheap, do not provide the service that a top quality travel shaver would. To be a proficient user, one needs to keep an eye out for the perfect travel shaver and learn the handiest ways of dealing with them.

Technologies Used in a Travel Shaver

The classification of travel shaver divides these machines into several categories.

These categories are dependent on the power source of the shavers, which lead to their operational functions, and the cutting technology used.

AA Battery Operated vs Rechargeable

AA-battery operated shavers are usually considered the better traveling partner when compared to rechargeable ones, simply because they do not require any electricity to recharge themselves.

However, rechargeable battery operated shavers are powerhouses and can provide cleaner and smoother shaves overall.

AA powered models also tends to lack a few extra features that Rechargeable ones have, and this lack occurs due to the lack of power to give birth to new functions.

Rotary vs Foil Shavers

Rotary shavers like Philips Norelco PQ208/40 are advanced models that contain a trio of spinning blades which trim and slice off hair in a circular motion. They are efficient in eliminating large amounts of hair or for an overdue shave. Necks and chins, which are difficult to shave with normal razors, are now easier to navigate around due to the rotary blades. Rotary also gives a more professional look when compared to foil, but is not a recommended choice for daily application.

The problem is that rotary blades take more space making the shaver more bulky. As you can imagine this is kind of a problem for travel shaver. This is a reason why you will not see many rotary travel razors in the market except the PQ208.

In foil shavers, the blades are covered with a thin layer of metal. This extra layer is used as a protection for the skin and reduces chances of abrasion. The foil itself brings the hair closer, and shaves them off more cleanly than rotary shavers. Foil shavers are also more accurate and are useful for very specific cuts or reshapes. For everyday use, foil is the go-to kind of shaver.

Braun M90

Braun M90 Mobile Shaver for Precision Trimming, Great for Travel,...
  • Wide Floating Foil - for close comfortable shaving
  • The electric razor is washable - easy cleaning under running water
  • Precision trimmer- use the extendable long hair trimmer for exact trimming of side burns and...

Named the ‘Mobile Shaver’,the  Braun M90 Travel Shaver looks exactly like a typical mobile handset.

It has a twistable cap, which opens its foil for use. The wide floating foil allows a relaxing shave while the long hair trimmer is perfect to handle fast growing hair.

It can be easily cleaned under running water, which shows that it will cause no hygiene issues.

Braun M90 is the kind of shaver you would want to use while traveling. Due to its long lasting AA batteries and lack of required maintenance, it will prove to be a worthy traveling companion. At only 3.2 ounces, this is a super light machine which further makes it fit for long distance journeys. Additionally, the design is flat and compact, so it fits right in any bag.

The internal parts are well-made and does not glitch in sudden accidental impacts. Even though the foil could be made a bit more durable, it can still last for a long time. Other shaves with the same properties would struggle to last even half as long.

To complete the deal, Braun M90 feels just right in the hand and makes shaving look as natural as possible. Compared to the older Braun M60 model, which lacked a precision trimmer, Braun M90 has this specific element, which makes it a better travel shaver as far as sideburns and mustaches are concerned.

If you want to learn more about M90, check out the details in a separate Braun M90 review.

Panasonic ES3831K

Panasonic Electric Travel Shaver, ES3831K
  • Durable motor for a quick
  • Sleek, ergonomic profile fits naturally in either hand for maximum shaver comfort and control
  • Made in China

Single blade shavers do not get as good as Panasonic ES3831K does.

Panasonic’s line of conventional motor shavers continues with this model, which, while lacking an arc foil and pop-up trimmer, contains amazing functionality in both wet and dry situations. This wet-dry compatibility allows one to clean their face with a simple wash, and repeated rinses will give a luster that only the freshest of shaves can muster. It also gives the freedom to use lather or to just clean with the shaver alone.

WES9941P outer foil and the lack of need to recharge makes it different from its Rechargeable battery-operated brethren. At 11.2 ounces, it is light enough to be effectively used as a travel shaver.

As far as shaving goes, this is one of the best. A blade at 78 degree angle, backed up with 8500 RMP makes shaving an easy task to do, while cleaning leftovers with further ease. The floating head design allows flexibility when shaving, and allows a closer touch for better results.

The stainless steel foil complements the nickel-free blade, so you will never have to worry about itchiness or abrasions from this thing. As it should be, the blade is sharp and can do its job at blinding speed, making the shaver itself very reliable at what it does.

For everyday shaving, Panasonic ES3831K is a good choice, especially considering how the lack of recharge (due to AA batteries) means you can get a good shave anywhere and at any time.

Philips Norelco PQ208/40 (Rotary with AA batteries)

Philips Norelco PQ208/40 Travel Electric Razor
  • Up to 60 minutes cordless shave. Battery operated (2 AA batteries included; Best with Polaroid AA...
  • Provides a clean shave on-the-go
  • Self-sharpening blades for a close shave

Philips Norelco PQ208/40 is the shaver for every man’s traveling needs.At a mere 5.6 ounces and just one inch in length, this tiny electric razor operates via two AA batteries.

This shaver can perform seamlessly for an hour without the need of a cord. Its floating head is flexible and helps make curves around the face while shaving. This allows a better mobility and dexterity when brushing off unwanted leftovers at corners.

The blades are self-sharpening, which means that they will adjust themselves to provide a shave closer to the skin’s surface. Durability is another characteristic of these blades, as they can last for a long time even without any concentrated maintenance. It is recommended to replace the shaving heads with HQ56 after each year of use to sustain the durability.

The shaver’s cleanliness is enhanced by how easy it to look after. Hair strands that have been left behind in the blades can be removed by tapping and using a brush to wipe the inside out. This is a more effective method than simply drying, since it takes very little time to pull off.

As the shaver can perform under a common amount of voltage, it is safe to use anywhere in the world. While it can be compared to Philips Norelco HQ40, Philips Norelco PQ208/40 is smaller and lighter, and thus, proves to be a better travel shaver. Quick and effective shaving: That is the name of the game for the Philips Norelco shavers.

Shavetech USB Rechargeable Travel Razor

USB Travel Shaver Laptop Rechargeable Shave
  • Compact, lightweight design — smaller than a smartphone
  • Fits in a pocket, briefcase, gym bag, or carry-on luggage
  • Sharp blades and fast vibration deliver a smooth, close shave

Only 4 inches in length, Shavetech USB Rechargeable Travel Razor is considered one of the smallest shavers of its kind. Its light weight of only 12.8 ounces is perfect for all traveling purposes, hence, making it the easy-on-the-go shaver for all choices.

As it runs on built-in rechargeable battery instead of AA batteries, it does require time maintenance to use properly. Nonetheless, with half an hour of life limit, that will not be too difficult to do.

After using this product for the first time, the user needs to charge it for four hours. Despite the need to charge, though, no USB cable is needed for this model. Instead, a retractable USB connector gets the job done much more easily. This USB connector allows the shaver to even charge while being connected to a computer, which is a huge plus with a traveling laptop.

Its compatibility with universal voltage limits make it usable in countries across the world.

Shavetech USB Rechargeable Travel Razor is quite safe to use, since it lacks dangerous elements, such as lead, cadmium, and mercury in its design.

As far as the shaving goes, the smooth operation provided by the fantastic foil blades grant an easy and effective shave without any hassle. It can also be used with the brush included in the set, by opening the outer hood and exposing the foil.

Even though it has an innovative design, it has been a subject of many complaints from users. It is believed that its lack of durability is the main cause of concern in this case.

Panasonic Men’s Razor for Travel ES-RS10-S

Panasonic Men’s Razor for Travel ES-RS10-S Silver is the ultimate shaver for any working man who needs a travel shaver.

Whether it be working on an international project or contributing ideas in an exchange environment, this shaver ensures that you look as professional as possible.

Directly from Japan, this single shaver model requires two AA Alkaline batteries to work. To replace its foil and blade, ES9843 and ES9842 are respectively required.

Despite being an electric shaver, it has been known to provide a better shaving experience than regular blades. There is no need for shaving cream, lather or foam, since this shaver itself is enough to give a smooth, clean shave that will leave no trace of leftover hair. Thus, this is the best shaver for dry shaves, especially for those who dislike wet shaves.

It comes with a nice plastic case that houses it from impact when not under use and saves it from accidental bumps when on the road. This carrying case is a huge plus for the overall charm of the product.

It may be considered identical to Sanyo or other brands, but Panasonic distinguishes itself with a recognizable name and esteemed reputation in producing electronic appliances.

This is one shaver that will not be a cause of complaints from the users and will leave an impressive impression that is devoid of any negativity. Panasonic Men’s Razor for Travel is a good looking shaver as well, as its silver hue gives off an alluring luster.

Most Important Travel Items for Men Besides a Travel Shaver

Where do you travel? There are so many places and so many reasons! Do you travel for leisure, all around the US or all over the world to see the best sites, visit all the most incredible monuments and museums, and live your best and most freeing life? Do you travel for work and find yourself on a business trip after business trip? Do you travel frequently to visit family in friends, for weddings and parties for loved ones, of all kinds? If you do, it is likely that you need a core travel pack of essentials that you can easily throw on your back and walk out the door with.

But maybe you don’t have the essentials. Do you find yourself constantly without something you need on your travels? Are you brutally aware of the fact that you’re lacking quality products, but aren’t sure where to start? Does packing stress you out? Well, us at shaving machine are here to help you out and make this a much easier and smooth endeavor. Let’s discuss all the necessities and extras that make traveling fun and easygoing.

A Good Travel Backpack

If you are the outdoorsy type, it is possible that you are super serious about your backpack game. There are so many out there to look into on the market. All types of materials, pockets of all kinds, colors, and styles, sizes and weights, professional and ones for hiking and things of that nature.

Having a good backpack will truly make or break your travel experience. If you are getting on a plane, you will want a certain kind of backpack. First off, it needs to meet the size and weight requirements of a carry-on. All travel backpacks require good pockets for chargers, devices, snacks, drinks, notebook, books, magazines, clothes, travel shaver, and other things that you will want easy access to. Look for a few good zipper or hidden pockets as well for those valuable items, or sharp items like your travel shaver.

I know for me, I try to keep all my travel necessities inside a single carry on backpack. With this list, you will learn how to get all you need in a small bag without giving up anything that is important for your travels. A single carry on is the only option for me because I refuse to check in bags. It is a waste when you know exactly what you need and how to pack in a way that includes all your essential items in a condensed and intentional way. Buy a good quality backpack that does not break the bank as the first essential on your travel necessities list.  

Small Pocket Notebook/Travel Journal

Depending on what trip you are going on, you may need either/or of these. I bring a small pocket notebook with me everywhere I go, no matter if it’s traveling or a trip to the city. Thoughts, ideas, things I need to do, and surprising insights come to me all the time at random.

On the other hand, if I am traveling for leisure, a travel journal is the only way to do. There are hundreds of these journals on the market in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes, and they are truly life changing for your travels. Even if you are not a big journaler or notetaker, you will want to invest in one of these. Document all the things you do, the main attractions, best places to eat, beautiful memorials and monuments, incredible museums, etc. There are so many details you will want to remember from your travels that will no doubt disappear in a few years!

Packing Cubes

Wanna know my secret to keeping everything so tight and packing it all in one carry on size backpack? You guessed it, packing cubes! These little squares can really change your life. They not only keep your items organized, but they also keep them nice and tight so no space goes wasted. I typically use one for my notebook and book as well as my custom made pen, the large one for my clothes, the second largest for my shoes, another for all my grooming supplies, including my travel shaver, and another for medicine and snacks. They really are the only way to go if you are looking to condense a whole lot into a small space.

A Good Book

There are so many instances where you could need a book with you when you travel. On the plane when everyone is knocked out and you can’ sleep for the life of you, to pass time on trains, to read when it’s not your driving shift yet and you’re tired of the scenery, or as a way to pass sweet moments in a coffee shop. Honestly, I always carry a book with me. You never know when you will need the company of a good book, or when you will have a few extra moments in your day to benefit your mind and enhance your intellect. Bring along an old classic or a new read. Also, remember that they sell books at airports if you want to buy something new for your travels!

Travel Blanket

Okay, you may easily read the title of this one and want to skip over it. I want to challenge you to read on. A travel blanket (especially if it’s insulated or heated!), will really change your travel game for the better. Regardless of if you want to admit it or not, you get cold when you travel. On the plane, train, car, and plenty of other places you will be stuck in while being transported.

On top of that, this also doubles as an added home comfort. Sometimes you want to be reminded of your personal comforts, or just use your own blanket instead of a hotel or a guests blanket. what if you don’t like the material? What if their blankets or too think? What if you need a warmer one? Consider all these variables, and then get you a great travel blanket! It is best to get one that rolls up and can latch onto your backpack or luggage, and make sure you look into the ones that double as a pillow!

Noise-Canceling Headphones

You would truly be a fool to miss out on the next item on our list! Noise canceling headphones make all the difference when you travel. On the plane, you will be faced with crying babies, loud coughing, constant chewing, and loads of other noises that are bound to come in excess when a lot of people are all stuck in an uncomfortable, confined space together.

Headphones are good enough, but noise-canceling ones are s much better. For both short and long flights alike, these headphones may turn the most uncomfortable flyer into a lover of flying! For me, flying was always terrifying until I got these headphones. When I have them on, they calm me down so much that I have actually begun to enjoy flying and all that comes with it!

If you are traveling by train, it is much the same thing, though there is more space to move around. By car, especially if you are with others, it can be a nice getaway right in your seat to put on those headphones and tune out the world. Even as a tourist, these headphones are a dream.

Picture this: You are at a museum in Europe that features ancient, beloved, and classical works of the greatest artists who ever existed. You stand in front of these painting with beautiful, beloved classical music dramatically playing in your ears. Can you see it now? How your pair of noise-canceling headphones can take you to another world?

Make sure that whichever pair you choose has a great sound quality and long-lasting battery life. They are pretty useless if you are constantly having to charge them. Purchasing a carrying case is an added perk, but if not, you can put them in one of your packing cubes, previously mentioned above.

Insulated Travel Mug

As with many of these items, purchasing them is not just a good idea for travel use, but for daily use. For instance, just like your travel razor can be used for daily use, so can your travel mug. I bring my travel mug with me to my job commute, to the grocery store, and anywhere else I go. It is convenient to have a mug that keeps the contents warm or cold all day long.

The way to achieve this is by getting a vacuum insulated mug. Stainless-Steel is the preferred type for your travel mug. These mugs keep your drink at the optimal temperature. You’ll be drinking the same fresh, hot coffee at 2 pm as you did at 8 am, and the same ice cold lemonade at 6 pm as you had at noon. Read the labels because all the different brands and types out there offer a variety of time your drink will remain fresh.

USB Wall Charger

Okay, this one is an absolute must purchase. Anywhere you go on your travels, there is a chance that your wall charger will come in handy to charge your phone, laptop, portable speaker, cordless charger, etc. How many times do you find yourself with a low battery with lots of time to spare but can’t plug all your devices into the port all at once?

Well, here is the fix! You can purchase these super useful chargers with as many ports as you want. The best part is, you get a small charging tool that can easily fit into your luggage with no problem. The wall prongs fold into the charger and allow it to become even smaller. This device can easily fit into one of your packing cubes. USB Wall Chargers are extremely cheap and can be found online or at your nearest store.

Luggage Tag

Have you ever mixed up your luggage with someone else’s? I  know I have. The story goes a little like this: you’re at the carousel after departing from your plane and ascending downstairs to baggage claim. After an eternity of waiting, you get excited about the luggage that looks exactly like yours coming your way. Minding your own business, you pick it up and walk toward the automatic exit doors, happy to head home after traveling.

Suddenly, you hear someone behind you shouting questioningly. Their luggage looks the same! It is a whole debacle where you have to open up the contents and air your (potential) dirty underwear, literally. Well, you never would have run into this problem if you had a luggage tag! Get yours today and find your luggage in a care-free way. The best part is, you can get a nice leather one that is customized with your name as well as contact info, if you were to lose your bag. That way, you will be contacted if your bag ever gets lost in baggage claim or left in your old destination. It is really a win-win situation for everyone involved! 

Kindle E-Reader

Do you know what is even better for travel than a physical book? A Kindle E-Reader! This device comes in updated and outdated forms alike and has tons of features to look into and enjoy. Some are waterproof, meaning you can go to the beach or pool without worrying.

Kindle’s are also great if you happen to be sharing a room, either with a partner, friend or with a co-worker as you travel. You can adjust the brightness to be whatever you’d like, meaning you do not need to disturb those who are sharing your sleeping space.

Owning a Kindle gives you the ability to read anywhere, form a fark plane tot a dark room to a dark car, and that means traveling can be infused with even more reading! If you want a way to read any book you can imagine, anywhere you go, then purchasing a Kindle is the key!

Final Thoughts on Your Travel Shaver

Shavers are something that cannot be generalized to everyone, rather, different models exist for different people with different preferences. However, there remains to be a few top quality shavers that stand above the rest and have the capability to provide a satisfying shave to just about anyone, at anywhere, and in any way possible.

Despite the differences that various shavers may have, all of them are still guaranteed to give you a refreshing shaving experience.