Braun M90 Mobile Pocket Shaver Review

Braun M-90 Shaver

Do you have to keep appearances and need to be clean shaven always or you don’t look like a hermit with long stubble?

Well, the Braun M90 Mobile Shaver is a very wonderful piece of device that will answer your beard and hair growth problems.

It will give you a smooth shave anywhere you want. For the price of around 20 dollars!

Braun M-90 Shaver
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Compact Mobile Razor For The Traveler

If you tend to go places and need to bring your electric shaver along with you most of the times, you just get a Braun M-90 Mobile Shaver. It comes in a very compact design that lets you pack it in your bag and take it with you anywhere you go.

It is lightweight unlike the other bulky designs you see in the market. You can use it as a backup shaver in case you have to go somewhere else and your shaver is a bit big for your travel kit. You can easily stash it in your bag and you are good to go.

Durable Design For Everyday Use

As with most Braun series of shaving kits, the M90 is a durable kit that you can use for everyday shaving or as a travel shaver. With the use of the M90, you can shave every day without having to worry about wearing it out quickly.

You can also easily replace the 2 AA batteries which will generally last for a few months. Braun products are guaranteed to last.

Braun M-90 is compatible with ‘Braun 5609, 370/575 PocketGo Foil & Frame’ foil.

Braun Pocket Shaver Features

Great Smooth Shaving

Designed to catch any stray hairs, this Braun foil shaver has a floating foil that also allows for a smooth shave. No more unsightly nicks – you just have to get used to your M90 and get the right angles so you don’t nick yourself.

To trim your sideburns and mustaches, M90 shaver has a trimmer that you can extend to take care of your long hair. You won’t be seeing blood anymore after shaving with the Braun M-90.

Some double razors irritate your skin especially if you are sensitive type. With the use of this shaver, you will experience a smooth shaving that will take out any hair growth without irritating your neck and face. It will be a great help to you so stop worrying about having red spots after your shaving routine.

The Smooth Glider

You won’t even know that this shaver is indeed shaving off your hairs except for the whirring noise, that is. The glide of the foil on your skin is very smooth. You will just have to give your chin and neck a run over before you finish up so you will see if there are stray hairs left uncut.

After your shaving routine, the Braun M90 deserves a cleaning. Yes, you can just put it in running water to clean it out. Great shaver, isn’t it?

Braun M-90 Shaver
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Braun M90 vs M60 vs M30 Comparison

The most important difference between these razors is that the M90 features a pop-up Precision Trimmer (see the feature picture above).