Braun Series 7-790cc Pulsonic 9595 Electric Shaver System Review

Do you hate it when people comment on your stubble although you have shaved? Well, the Braun Series 7-790cc Pulsonic Shaver System would definitely address your shaving problems.

This is one cool shaver that would take care of your hair growth with less annoying noise. Don’t use those inefficient shavers that make you look like you intentionally grew a stubble even if you shaved just this morning.

Braun Series 7-790cc Pulsonic Shaver SystemIf you are looking for a shaver that would take good care of your skin and your hair growth, then this is the one you should get.

Shaving with a blade might be your preference to avoid nicks and cuts but when you get to use this shaver, your mind will surely change.

Braun has always been counted on for providing quality shavers for men. The shavers that come from this company are made to last.

Men love the way these shavers can easily take out their hair with less nicks and cuts.

Not only will men be able to use this shaver at home, it comes with a travel to make it easier for them to pack it away, but is is not as small as Braun M90 pocket shaver.

Great Choice For Soft Hair

If you have soft hairs, this is the shaver for you. The Braun Series Pulsonic Shaver System does a good job in shaving soft hair and pressing the hair to your skin. When you are always concerned with the shavings, this Braun model does a good job of retaining shavings.

However, if you have used a Braun before, you will find that the trimmer is not as wide as before. The shaver also operates with less noise than other shavers so you would definitely love using it over and over again.


If you are about to go somewhere, then you simply pack the shaver into its travel case and then you are good to go. The trimmer folds into the grip which makes the shaver a bit handier.

The grip has an ergonomic design for better handling and there is also a variable setting from mild to intense.

If you ever need to travel, this shaver will never get in the way.

User Feedback

Braun 7-790cc is a fantastic shaver from one of the best male grooming brands in the world. The users are loving it and let us see why.

Customers are rating this shaver above 4.0 stars, so it is quite self explanatory that it stands out from the rest.

Some customers have upgraded from safety razors to this shaver because Braun 7-790ccs razor cause less irritation. The shaving is much cleaner and much close compared to its contemporaries. That is why the 7-790cc is among the best razors for men of African descent.

Many users have increasing affection towards shaving after finding out the user friendliness of these. The users are least worried about cleaning them after each session because of the auto cleaning and charging cradle.

Few men have tried to save up on the cleaning cartridges by washing the shaving heads with hot water. But this is not necessary because the cartridges are not that expensive and they last for almost an entire month.

There are two sides on every coin, and the 7-790cc electric razor is not an exception. It is a bit expensive to buy. But the service it provides makes up for the investment. Some long term customers did have a complain about the high maintenance cost of changing the shaving heads and changing the cleaning cartridges.

Braun Series 7 790cc vs 799cc

The new 799cc shaver is very similar to the 790cc model except one major difference – the 799cc is wet/dry shaver and can be used in shower and with shaving foam or gel. In other words, it has been made water-proof.

There is one limitation which comes with the new feature. The 7-799cc can not be used plugged-in. You first have to charge it, and then you can use it.