Butterfly Shaver Pro For Ladies Review

Butterfly Pro 5h

In this modern era of technology, everything is being done by machines.

Even the primitive art of cutting facial hair has evolved from its glorious roots to shaving razors, and finally, to electric shavers.

Thus, the importance of proper shaving has been redefined, and thanks to Skull Shaver, the new Butterfly Shaver Pro is here to give shaving itself a brand new meaning.

Literally shaped like a skull, this weird little contraption with a butterfly drawn on it has become a revolutionary choice in the shaving industry.


Inside the oddly shaped machine is a collection of razors that are made for effective shaving.

These five shavers, which can rotate, are placed tightly together, yet can be spun in such a manner that they can be used to reach just about any place of female body.

Most of the emphasis is on the head, though, as the smooth function of these rotary blades is the most effective in shaving off hair and to give a fresh, new bald look.

Unlike other blades, these ones do not cause any irritation to the skin, neither burns nor accidental cuts; such is the intricate design of the Butterfly Shaver Pro. For dry and wet shavings alike, this is the female shaver to consider.

Not only is it easy to use, its stand allows is to be easy to store as well. It requires charging to function, and in one full charge of two and a half hours, it can last a whopping ninety minutes.

The charging process is made easier, thanks to the lights on top of the device which glow to show the level of the battery.

The motor supports up to 10,500 rotations per minute, and is compatible with additional chargers and extra tools as well.

Optional Attachments

Instead of just shaving, Butterfly shaving machine can be used for trimming nose hair, leveling the eyebrows , or shaving the armpit hair.

To increase the functionality of this shaver you can get these attachments, which are sold separately :

  • Foil Body Shaver Attachment
  • Eyebrow Trimmer Attachment
  • Ear/nose trimmer attachment
  • Clipper Attachment

Travel Case and Stand is also available for separate purchase.

Customer Reviews

When looking at this product’s customer reviews, the word ‘comfortable’ stands out the most, perhaps cementing just how effective this shaver is.

The words ‘easy’ and ‘painless’ are not as far behind, and a customer even pointed out how this razor can function perfectly even without any shaving cream.

It is the best ‘instant’ thing in the market of shavers at the moment. However, care must be given too, as its ‘can be used while wet’ mode, actually cannot be used in the water. That only refers to its compatibility with shaving gels.

It is very fast and takes little time to get ready. Fans all around the globe have put their trust in this electric shaver.

It has produced very little flaws, but there has been complaints about it causing wounds while using. This is a strange complaint, considering how the Butterfly Shaver is designed to be a safe shaver.

While the majority’s satisfaction drowns out all the minority’s comments, it is understandable how prominent a customer’s perspective can be.


Shavers are underrated products that deserve more popularity in the world. And what better shaver to be made popular than the Butterfly Shaver?

It is the shining example of how all other shavers should be like. If you are looking for an effective all-in-one electric razor that is also sturdy, then look no further than the Butterfly Shaver tool.