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Electric Shaver Reviews

When buying an electric shaver for the first time or upgrading your current means of shaving, finding the perfect one can be a hassle. This is why we decided to conduct a series of electric shaver reviews. We believe that, with the right information, you can make sound decisions faster and more easily. This is certainly true when sorting through electric shaver reviews and making your buying decision.

One of the best places to perform research and start shopping for an electric shaver is the Internet. Simply by going online and searching, you can compare different shaving device models as well as their prices, features, and ease of use. However, we've done quite a bit of that work for you with this article. The electric shaver reviews and comparisons below are a great way to begin your quest.

Choosing an Electric Shaver

The vast array of electric shavers available on the market can leave you confused about which one to buy. These electric shaver reviews can serve as your guide in helping you narrow down to the best. Here is a rundown of key factors and considerations.

Leading Brands

Electric shavers are crucial personal care tools because they help keep you looking good. Quality matters a lot because your electric shaver comes into frequent contact with your face and some very sensitive skin. There are several big players in this market, but we recommended going with tried-and-tested brands. You can always check out various other online electric shaver reviews to see what other users think about the various brands.

The brand you typically choose or have in mind now might be a matter of personal preference. However, it sure can't hurt to learn about, and perhaps try out, a few other recommended brands discussed in favorable electric shaver reviews.

Foil vs. Rotary Shavers

Electric shavers are categorized into either foil or rotary models. The foil models have their cutting blades covered by a thin, curved metal foil. As the shaver moves back and forth, the foil guides the blade over the contours on your face. The blade cuts beard hair as it penetrates the gliding, perforated foil. Foil shavers are ideal for cutting short and thin beards and obtaining a very close shave. They are also excellent choices for users with sensitive skin.

Rotary shavers usually have three or four round heads that spin. They easily navigate around your facial features, and the blades spin below the round heads, cutting the targeted hair while your skin stays protected. Rotary shavers are often best for users who leave longer stubble and don't wish to shave daily on a consistent basis. They work best on tougher skin with a coarse beard.

Charging Methods & Requirements

Electric shavers can be standard, disposable battery-operated, rechargeable, or main-source powered. The type you choose will mainly depend on your lifestyle and the item's affordability. The rechargeable type of electric shaver is ideal if you travel a lot. Battery-operated shavers are also a good choice for occasional use.

Wet vs. Dry Shavers

Dry shavers allow you to shave quicker with less mess and cleanup time than their wet shave counterparts. In contrast, wet shavers require the use of shaving creams, gels, or foam, plus water. Although you can take most such shavers in the shower, be sure never to submerge the shaver in water. Follow the manufacturer’s guide for proper and safe use if you have other questions about the use of your specific shaver.

Next, we'll present electric shaver reviews of a few select products, beginning with a rundown of our featured model from Philips Norelco.

What Is a Philips Norelco Electric Shaver?

A Philips Norelco electric shaver is promoted by the company as the ultimate choice for a definitive shave. With a shaver like these, you will experience comfort and an overall shaving experience that feels right. The blade gets close to the skin in an incredibly gentle way. It glides over your skin smoothly, ensuring each hair is cut exceptionally close. The results are visible, and your skin feels the way it should: clean and smooth.

Precision Blades and Comfort Rings

The blades have sharp edges and are extra sharp for a close shave. They are strengthened with nanoparticles that increase their strength. The shaver comes with metallic rings that facilitate the gliding of the blades. The rings have an anti-friction coating for effortless travel over skin and its contours.

You can personalize the blade action by choosing one of the three settings. Regardless of how thick or rough your beard is, you can trust a Phillips Norelco shaver to give you a smooth shave. The beard adaptor sensor keeps checking your beard density every 15 seconds and adjusting accordingly throughout your shave.

Precision Trimmers & Other Features

If you have a mustache to maintain or sideburns to trim, a precision trimmer is a major convenience. It lets you finish off your shave by trimming these areas for a professional look.

Philips Norelco shavers, along with many other leading brands' models, come with self-sharpening blades. It’s a multipurpose shaver that can be used in dry or wet modes. This shaver is also effortlessly flexible. Based on DynamicFlex technology, each head moves in five directions effortlessly. They are designed to navigate every contour on your face and neck. With such precision, you can closely shave every hair, even those in areas that are hard to reach.


The price differences are primarily because varying models have differing features, styling, durability, and other diverse qualities.

How We Perform Electric Shaver Reviews

Before you part with your money, we want to help you confirm that the product you buy will meet your needs. Our electric shaver reviews will cover several shaver models. In trying to determine the best, we selected a few and compared them.

Braun Series 9-9095cc Wet and Dry Foil Shaver
Remington WETech Rotary Shaver, Lithium Powered Electric Razor
Panasonic ES3831K Electric Travel Shaver

Philips Norelco Shaver 9700 with SmartClean, Rechargeable Wet/Dry...
  • Designed for a close shave in mind, Philips Norelco Shaver 9700 always delivers superior closeness...
  • Each shaving head independently moves in 8 directions to follow your face's every curve. This...
  • Choose the speed setting that best fits your skin and hair type: Slow (for an even more skin...


Ease of Use

Battery Life

Design Quality

Additional Features

This Phillips Norelco shaver is available from Amazon, the manufacturer, or other sources for about $300.

The 9700 model shaver is very easy to use. The rings make the blades glide over your skin smoothly. You can use it as a dry or wet shaver depending on your preference.

The battery can last for 5 to 6 years depending on how well you care for your electric shaver overall. On a charge, the battery lasts up to 8 hours.

Phillips Norelco designed this exemplary electric shaver for use by both beginners and professionals. The blades rest on rings that allow for their smooth gliding while shearing hairs closely.

The fact that you can use the 9700 as either a dry or wet shaver is a big advantage. Other features we noted include surgical stainless steel blades.


  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Easy-flexing heads move in 5 directions for a smooth shave
  • Precision trimmer for mustaches and sideburns


  • Battery replacement requires soldering, and replacement should be done by a professional

Braun Series 9-9095cc Wet and Dry Foil Shaver for Men with Cleaning...
  • Braun’s most efficient and comfortable shaver for skin. Proven on 3 day beards.
  • Intelligent SyncroSonic technology: The synergy of 4 specialized cutting elements and intelligent...
  • Quadruple action cutting system for maximum facial adaptability.

In preparing for our electric shaver reviews, we came across the Braun 9-9095cc foil shaver. It’s clearly among the most comfortable and efficient shavers for your skin. It delivers a clean shave for beards reaching three days old or more, without the user having to work hard at all.

This shaver is built on Intelligent SyncroSonic technology, according to Braun. This approach combines four distinct cutting elements and 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute. With such blade speed, this shaver can cut all types of facial hair and consistently leave a smooth feel.

Braun is a foil type shaver that gives you the perfect closeness for a shave that feels right for a longer time. One more unique feature of the Braun 9-9095cc shaver is its 5-action clean and charge station. It conveniently charges, lubricates, cleans, selects a program, and dries itself, all at the touch of a button. You can use it in dry or wet modes, and that self-cleaning center saves you a lot of time.


Ease of Use

Battery Life

Design Quality

Additional Features

The Braun 9-9095cc shaver sells for around $310 on Amazon. It’s also available directly from Braun for approximately $325.

The five automatic controls for cleaning, lubricating, drying, charging, and program selection make this product easy to use. The multiple cross-cutting actions means you can always shave within just a few minutes.

This Braun shaver charges fully in about an hour and that charge will last you up to 50 minutes. It comes with LED battery display that shows the battery status, travel lock indicator, and hygiene status.

The Braun 9-9095cc foil shaver is designed for precision shaving. It has a sleek and attractive design with a dark grey casing and cleaning unit. The bright power button and LCD indicator let you know when the machine is working. Its cordless design makes it tangle-free, keeping the handle loose and maneuverable throughout each shave.

The quadruple-cutting features and 5-action controls make the Braun 9-9095cc shaver a unique product.  It comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • 40,000 cutting actions per second
  • Automatic controls
  • Designed for precision shaving
  • Trimmer for mustaches and sideburns
  • Texturized grip for secure handling
  • Wet or dry shaver


  • Expensive shaver
  • Replacement foils are also expensive

Remington WETech Rotary Shaver, Lithium Powered Electric Razor, PR1385...
  • Color May Vary Black or Red
  • PrecisionPlus Heads – Shaves Long Hairs and Short Stubble
  • Rechargeable Battery – 2X Faster Charge Time* + Up to 65 Minutes Cordless Runtime

This Remington WeTech shaver delivers a comfortable, versatile shave. It allows you to choose between a dry and wet shave. The shaver is dependable, too, because its Lithium battery delivers 60 minutes of shaving after only 90 minutes of recharging.

The rotary head can easily be adjusted to any angle to let you get access to the hard-to-reach areas. It flexes a full 360 degrees to allow you to reach sensitive and contoured areas. This waterproof shaver comes with twin blades that remain in close contact with your skin for a fast and smooth shaving experience.


Ease of Use

Battery Life

Design Quality

Additional Features

This electric shaver is available for around $70 on Amazon.

This Remington WeTech rotary shaver is easy to use, either as a dry or wet shaver.

The battery takes 90 minutes to charge, and a charge is good for about 90 minutes of operating time.

The shaver has a sleek design that gives you a firm grip as you shave. The round head flexes to reach all the hard-to-reach areas for a clean shave.

This Remington WeTech shaver comes with a 2-year warranty. Some of the accessories it comes with include a replacement head and head guard. It's available in red or black colors.


  • Affordable
  • Round head that flexes to reach all areas
  • Wet or dry shaving options
  • Twin blades for a clean shave


  • Not sharp enough to get truly close?

Panasonic Electric Travel Shaver, ES3831K
  • Durable motor for a quick
  • Sleek, ergonomic profile fits naturally in either hand for maximum shaver comfort and control
  • Made in China

A Panasonic ES3831K Shaver is an ideal choice if you’re looking for one to fit into your travel kit with ease. If you’re on a tight budget, this is also the shaver for you. It’s a foil type, and it comes in a black compact casing. The floating foil head allows the shaver to follow the contours of your face.

This shaver is cordless, giving you a firm and tangle-free grip. If you’ll be using it away from home frequently, you can run this unit on two standard AA batteries and receive about 90 minutes of shaving time. The single, angled blade should provide years of service.


Ease of Use

Battery Life

Design Quality

Additional Features

The Panasonic ES3831K electric shaver is available on Amazon for approximately $40 to $45.

This Panasonic model is an easy-to-use shaver but does not produce the closest shave compared to other models.

It uses rechargeable batteries that last up to 90 minutes.

The Panasonic ES3831K shaver is designed for your travel kit. It's a compact and easy-to-use shaver designed with a single blade for a close, clean shave. A travel lock feature keeps it  off, safe, and protected when not in use.

The shaver comes with accessories like a cleaning brush, protective cap, and a user manual.


  • Affordable
  • Good quality
  • AA battery-powered for convenient use on the go
  • Value for money based on decent performance
  • Wet or dry use option


  • Not the best for a close shave among the travel-ready shavers available


After conducting the above electric shaver reviews, we concluded that the best among them is the Phillips Norelco shaver. Although it’s very costly, the advantages you derive from it are worth every penny, according to our close-shaven team of reviewers.