Savvy Shavers Avoid The High Cost Of Gillette Fusion Razor Blades

Any person who has purchased individual shaving razor packs or packs of razor blades knows how very costly these items are!

Most men and women do not want body hair on certain areas of their bodies. This makes razors a necessary item, and one that must be replaced periodically.

If you do no replace them, the blades will eventually become dull and/or rusty. This makes for some very, very uncomfortable and sometimes downright painful shaves!

Those greedy razor companies do not want you to know this, but your razors become rusted and dull more quickly if you store them in the shower rather than outside your shower. The wet environment of your shower causes your razor to rust at a faster rate.

A better option is to store your razor outside the shower and take it in with you when you need it.

The Outrageous Costs Of Razor Blades and Shaving Razor Sets Are TOO Much

Young woman with disposable razor shaving

When you purchase one razor in a pack, you pay top dollar for the item!

The price of razors for men and women have skyrocketed in more recent years. This is ridiculous and outrageous considering how necessary razors are for both sexes.

We all know that if you go too cheap with the cost of your razors, you can anticipate painfully slicing and dicing your face, legs, armpits, or other more *sensitive* regions of your body. If you purchase a reasonably priced razor that comes with one head (and you have to buy the replacement heads), you can anticipate a high price tag on those replaceable razor heads.

Part of the reason why razors are so costly is because they are actually fairly difficult to make.

The process to making high quality razors is lengthy and challenging. As a result, retailers can sell razors at a high cost. Razors are also costly because a few companies have a monopoly on the creation of razors. This is because it requires special and expensive equipment to create razor heads and many companies cannot afford to purchase or create this equipment.

Still, the price tag razor heads garner are inflated well beyond those production costs.

Gillette Razor Blades And More!

We will discuss some popular shaving razor brands and products (such as Gillette Razors, Bic razors, and more). We will give you helpful info about these products and how overpriced they are.

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Read on, and we will also tell you about an awesome way that you can save on your shave!

The High Cost of Gillette Fusion Razor Blades

Gillette Fusion Razor Blades

A 12 count box of men's Gillette Fusion blades manual refills will currently set you back $30.48 on Amazon.

Admittedly, these razor blades have some special features such as a lubrication indication strip that fades gradually as the sharpness of the razor decreases.

They also come with 5 blades that help you get a close shave.

These Gillette Fusion razor blades can only be used with the matching Gillette razor model. As you can probably tell, this really is not a good bargain considering how frequently the blades will need to be replaced.

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Purchase a Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor Here

You can currently purchase an 8 count package of Gillette Fusion Proglide razor blades here on Amazon for $23.24!

For that amount of money, you will only receive a total of 8 razor blades. I can think of so many other things I would rather spend $20+ on!

"You can currently purchase an 8 count package of Gillette Fusion Proglide razor blades...for $23.24!"

While these razors are a slightly better, improved version of regular Gillette Fusion Razors, their cost is notably higher. The Gillette Fusion Proglide blades sell for a whopping $2.91 per blade.

That price is ridiculously high considering that these are disposable razors that will only last for several weeks to a month. Sure, you may be able to find Gillette Fusion razor blades coupons every now and then, but you will still end up spending a good bit of money on your razors.

Bic Shaving Razor

Bic sells a variety of razors for both men and women.

While the price of Bic razors tends to be somewhat lower than Gillette and other brand name razors, the quality of the razors also tend to be much lower. Customer reviews are mixed regarding these razors.

If you purchase these products, you will likely find yourself widely unsatisfied with Bic razors due to the lower quality as well as the price. Though they may be more affordable, you will probably find that you have sacrificed quality. Even worse, these razors are disposable.

Venus Gillette Razors

Shaving Razor

While generally marketed towards women, anyone can use these razors.

However, they are certainly not your most affordable option when it comes to razors! A 4 pack container of Venus Swirl replacement blades will currently cost you $19.12 here on Amazon.

Purchase Your Venus Gillette Shaving Razor Here

That breaks down to $4.78 per blade. There are some nice features to these razor blades (such as a water activated glide serum and 5 blades per head), but overall the price is higher than the blades are actually worth. You would be better off spending your money to join a monthly shaving razor club which we will discuss in further detail below.

Mach 3 Razor Blades

You can currently purchase 15 Mach 3 razor blades for $32.53 here on Amazon.

This may sound like a pretty good bargain, you have to remember that lower price often indicates the quality of the product. This razor does an okay job of shaving facial hair. But, for the overall price it really is not that great. If you shop around, you can find better, less expensive shaving products as part of clubs or in bulk at warehouse club stores.

Your best bet is to join a monthly shaving club like the freebie offer here.

And, now we come to the best method to save money while shaving...

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While that may not be an option for everyone, there are some great ways to save on your shave! One possible way to save on your shave is by entering the Sample Me More razor giveaway here.

When you enter this Shaveaway drawing, you have a chance to win FREE razors for an entire year!

In order to enter, you must first provide a valid email address. Then, enter your contact information and answer some questions about yourself. In addition to this possible one year supply razor prize offer, you will also receive information on other future freebie offers for signing up and entering this giveaway. Each week, one winner will be chosen at random to receive the FREE year supply of razors. The grand prize winners will be announced via email. Wouldn't it be great if you won the FREE razors for an entire year?

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Although winning a FREE supply of razors for a year sounds great, we all know that it is not the most practical option for saving money on razors because not everyone will win the giveaway.

Another way to save money on shaving razors and razor blades is by joining a monthly shaving club. Typically, you pay about half the price for a razor or razors through a club as you would in a store.

Due to the high cost of razors, many consumers have demanded other, more affordable options for razors, blades, and other shaving supplies. As a result, countless shaving clubs have popped up online over the past few years. When you join a shaving club, you select the product or products online that you wish to receive. Then, you will receive your shaving soaps, aftershave, razors, and/or blades in the mail each month (or more or less frequently if you prefer).

By joining a club, you save by shopping right from the comfort of your home and not needing to drive to a store or pharmacy to make a purchase. You will also save money because razors sold through shaving clubs are typically sold at a lower, more reasonable cost. You can select from many different shaving clubs that offer various combinations of products, shaving supplies, and more.