How to Groom Using Philips Click and Style Bodygroomer

Grooming Your Beard

The Philips BodyGroomer is just what you need to have a clean masculine body. In the following you will know how easy it is to use.

The first thing to remember is that you do not use it on your face. It is not suitable for your facial skin. Always use it in places situated below the neckline. The rest of the process is just simple.

Philips Click and Style BodygroomerWhen you start shaving, you can use your other hand to stretch the skin when necessary. Now, you must follow this technique to shave those special places which require extra care and are more delicate.

If you want some places to be completely hair free such as your chest, then you can take off the comb from the trimmer and then use the trimmer. Don’t be alarmed. The Philips Body Groomer is very skin friendly shaving machine, so you have no chances of cuts.

For cleaning the trimmer, you must turn it off first. Then you pull the shaving head out of the unit. You can either use the given brush to clean them or just wash them with water. Shake off the excess water, join them back and you are done with your body grooming.

Grooming Your Chest Hair

The Philips Click&Style trimmer is so versatile that it can be used for shaving, styling and body grooming. So here I’m going to talk about how you can easily use it for styling your beard.

At first you’ve to connect the styling attachment which is as easy as a click. It is the easiest to style your beard when your face is dry. Make sure the comb is set at maximum length in order to prevent your beard from getting mistakenly smaller than what you wanted. Ensure that the surface of the comb is always in contact with your skin. The trimmer should always be moved in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

As hairs grow in different directions, you should move the trimmer in different directions as well. In order to get a closer trim and shorter stubble,you can remove the comb. After you are done with your styling, it is time to clean up which is extremely easy. Remove the comb and the styling attachment.

Now rinse them using hot water and shake off the water. It is also recommended that you sometimes separate the cutting part of the base and clean the inside using water. Doing this is good for your shaver and your skin.