How To Manscape

How To Take The Headache Out Of Manscaping

Some men struggle to understand how to manscape.

It can be difficult to determine what areas of your body could use some grooming. In fact, some men are confounded by the question “what is manscaping?”

Today, we are going to give you the 411 on the best way to manscape, the areas of your body you should be paying attention to, and more.

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How To Manscape – Manscaping 101:

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of manscaping, allow us to enlighten you. The art of manscaping simply entails maintaining your body hair. This could be for your own personal preferences about your body’s appearance, or it could be done to appeal to a spouse or partner.

The areas of you body in which you manscape are entirely up to you. However, any hair-covered area of your body is up for a little manscaping.

Here are more manscaping products you need to invest in:

Tools of the Trade:

The area/s of your body you are going to be grooming will dictate what kind of grooming tools you should use. You will definitely want to use a good, sturdy razor. For a list of highly recommended grooming products, check out our list of top razors.

You may also want to consider investing in a body razor in addition to a traditional electric razor. However, this will depend largely on which areas of your body you plan to manscape.

These Are The Best Manscaping Razors (in our opinion)

Trial and Error:

You will most likely have to try different hair lengths to determine what you prefer on your body. For example, belly and chest hair typically look best when kept at the same length. If you want to remove all your body hair in a particular area (such as your chest) you will want to spend a little time in the shower beforehand in order to allow your hair follicles to soften up. If you opt to manscape your lower region, be sure to do so with caution. Many a fellow has recklessly manscaped the nethers and caused an accident. Slow and steady always win the race.

If you’re not sure you like your new manscaped look, consider doing manscaping before and after photos to compare.