Shaving Machine Official Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor Review

Are you looking for a sleek yet sturdy safety razor? Be sure to check out the Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor.

Customers almost unanimously agree that this is a great product to invest in.

This is a great razor especially for individuals who have larger hands. Read on to learn all about this great grooming product from Merkur.

Merkur Long Handled Safety RazorThis safety razor has an incredibly sleek chrome finish and a long and sturdy handle. The razor also has a double edge which helps give the user a nice, close shave. This razor is a wonderful option if you are conscientious about the environment and litter/waste as it contains no plastic or recyclable parts/pieces.

This Merkur safety razor is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon and has consistently positive and favorable reviews from Amazon customers. Although this double edge safety razor is marketed towards men, it makes a great option for women as well. This razor will give you a close and smooth shave anywhere on your body. If used correctly, will not pull, scratch, or cut your skin. However, this is largely dependent upon the shaving technique/s utilized by the user. This great product is made in Germany.

Merkur Safety Razor Models:

  • Long – Model reviewed here
  • Long Barber Pole – Heavy duty variant with knurled handle; chrome plated; heavier than most competitor’s safety razors
  • Adjustable Safety Razor – Adjustable razor blade angle with satin finish
  • Moustache and Eyebrow Razor – Fitted with wedge-shaped blades for mustaches, eyebrows, and sideburns; for precision and close shaving

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor Features:

This razor has a long and sturdy handle that is great for individuals who have larger hands

The handle has a great no-slip feature that helps you get a firm grip on it so it is less likely to slip or drop

The razor has a sleek chrome finish which makes it attractive yet durable

This razor comes with one blade that can last for multiple shaves depending on the user and what the razor is used to shave


This razor can shave any body hair easily and effectively

We found this double edge safety razor provides a very close and smooth shave

It is a very sturdy razor that is durable. This was immediately apparent when we first picked the razor up and noticed the added weight

This razor is made of chrome which gives it a sleek look and solid feel

It is a great choice for people who are environmentally conscious because it is not made of plastic or recyclable materials


Due to the razor’s ability to give a close shave, you are also more likely to nick and cut your face

Some customers had trouble with the blade being uncentered on the handle

It can be difficult to safely change the blade. We worried that the razor made this process especially dangerous (luckily, no accidents occurred)

The long handle is difficult for some individuals to use and manipulate

Customer Reviews:

merkur long handled safety razorThis Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor Provides One of the Closest Shaves Possible to Both Men and WomenCheck Price

Overall, we felt very satisfied with this long handled safety razor. Most reviewers on the web backed up this sentiment. It is so sleek and sturdy. The razor is a good value considering its high quality. Amazon customers consistently agree that this is a great safety razor (for both men and women)! It may take a bit of practice to understand how it works best for you and your hair type, but once you figure it out we think you will be happy with this Merkur long handled safety razor.