Philips Norelco S7370/84 7300 Series Shaver Review

Shavers have a way of being an important part of a man’s daily life.

Whether we would like to admit it or not, the constant need to look presentable has a lot to do with how effective our shavers are.

It cannot be denied that without a proper shaver, it would be impossible to keep up with fresh appearances.

Philips Norelco S7370-84 7300 series ShaverFortunately, Philips has availed the needy men by introducing the Philips Norelco S7370 7300 Series razor (more info).

It not only gives a clean shave, it makes sure you look darn good too!

Part Numbers

At the moment of writing this review this product there are two part numbers available:

  • S7370/84 with standard packaging
  • S7370/87 with Frustration-Free packaging

While the product inside is still the same, the Frustration-Free packaging is easier to open and usually is 100% recyclable.

Philips Norelco 7300 Features

The Norelco S7370 electric razor from Philips is a combination of a number of effective features that can efficiently provide the perfect shave with no worries.

At a weight of 2 pounds and a length of over 2 inches, it is an excellent fit for a travel shaver, enabling it to be used anywhere. It being branded as the number one razor for sensitive skin should speak volumes about it as well.

It has Comfort Rings that contain the one of a kind micro-bead coating, which decreases friction while shaving to at least 30%. This enhances performance as well as the comfort that one can expect from a quick shave.

Speaking of performance, a unique Dynamic Flex feature allows rotations in five different directions. In this way, no hair escapes the shaving power of Philips Norelco S7370, even those situated in extreme corners or hard stubble.

As far as the cutting is concerned, the blades are precise and to the point, but gentle as well. Even while cutting sharply, the razor will not cut the skin or cause bleeding.

To provide an easy hygiene management, the Smart Clean System is integrated into the product as well. This feature can effortlessly lubricate and charge the device, while drying it after usage.

To top it all off, the Aqua Tec technology provides an easy shave, in both safety and comfort, in both dry and wet situations. All these features combine together to form the amazing device known as Philips Norelco S7370 razor.


Compared to other similar shavers from Philips, the 7300 Series razor has an LED display, which makes it advantageous for quick shaves. This display keeps a track on the shaver’s state, and also possesses the travel lock, which can be used to turn off the system when traveling. This feature makes the electric razor extra safe and effectively eliminates accidents.

The product comes in a deluxe case which can house the shaver and additional gadgets in an optimum area, conserving both its use and its space when traveling. A ventilation chamber in this case helps to dry off the razor after a wet use.


The most annoying part about this shaver is the cost of the replacement shaving head, which can prove to be quite expensive.

The LED display, despite its usefulness, does not state a percentage count of the remaining battery life, which is a letdown when using the shaver for an extended period of time.

Customer Reviews

Philips Norelco Shaver 7300 for Sensitive SkinCheck PriceCustomers have loved the Philips Norelco S7370 7300 Shaver’s mobility, which makes it very easy to use. Because it can actually be used anywhere at any time, the pros severely outweigh the cons.

For those who travel a lot and are in a constant need to look fresh, this shaver is the perfect pick. Regardless of all the glaring advantages, users have complained about the existence of the Smart Clean system. Some regard it as being a useless addition, since it makes the whole device bulkier than it already is.

The instructions make the cleaning system a bit difficult to use, and considering how travel razors are meant to be used on the go, this feature proves to be a disappointment since it wastes a lot of preparation time.