Philips Norelco BG2040/34 Bodygroom Pro 7100 Grooming System Review

Philips Norelco GB2040/34 Bodygroom Pro body hair trimmer reviewI am sure you have seen him. The “Yeti”. They are among us. People with very prominent body hair. People who wouldn’t need to wear a coat in the winter if they let the body hair grow.

The problem is that nowadays other people don’t like this sort of thing. Especially people we care about and like – women. And women know difference between excessive chest and back hair and sexy body hair. The excess body hair definitely should be groomed – trimmed or shaved.

That is where the new Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro Grooming System comes to the rescue.

What is The Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro?

This sleek and curved body hair trimmer is called Grooming System because in fact there are two devices combined in one body.

With the Bodygroomer Pro you have two ends, each end with its own on/off button to avoid any confusion.

There is a shaver (Philips calls it groomer) on one end, and a trimmer on the other. Great! That means now you can groom and trim without having to change heads or attachments.

Bodygroom Trimmers Compared – BG2028 vs BG2038 vs BG2040

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Comparison - BG2028 vs BG2038 vs BG2040

Quick note – in Canada this gadget is called TT2040/42

Features and Uses

For example, you can trim your goatee, and then flip the Norelco Body Groom Pro and clean up the perimeter of the goat. Then remove anything on your neck and ears.


The trimmer is adjustable with five different depth settings. It works great not only on beards and mustaches, but also on sideburns and back of the neck, even on eyebrows (don’t try it if you don’t know what you’re doing!).

Check this. If you don’t have an important meeting at work, try using the groomer instead of razor shave. You will be surprised to notice how much less irritated skin will be. And it is so quick and easy.

You can use the BG2040/34 to trim your chest hair and back hair without pulling or irritating the skin. If you can reach it, you can trim it cleanly and painlessly. Except few places you can not reach by yourself. Like center of your back.

Then there is a price for putting two devices in one. Some people with smaller hands complain that its shape wise is a bit too long which makes the device a bit unwieldy at times.


The Philips Bodygroom Pro does not add any more clutter to your bathroom. It is cordless and comes with a charging stand. The charger stand can be fold flat, making the Grooming System to store or pack for travel.

The battery life it good – battery lasts more than 50 minutes. You can leave it in the charger as it has automatic shut-off function which prevents overcharging. Even if you leave it off the charger often, you will have to charge it up just about once a week.

TIP: always check the built-in battery power indicator before grooming. You do not want to run out of juice just after grooming one size of your face.


Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Philips Norelco BG 2040 is water proof and can be used in the shower.

The is a new product called Philips Click and Style Bodygroomer that may be worth checking out.