Pros and Cons of Using an Electric Shaver – is Electric Shaver Better Than Razor

There is no argument over the fact that in order to feel fresh as well as clean, a good shave is a must. It would only be fair to state that a satisfying shave is probably the finest way to start your day.

The two basic types of shaving tools, that is, the electric shaver and the manual shaver, both happen to be a preference for a number of individuals. Truth be told, there are advantages as well as disadvantages to both the electric as well as the manual shaver and which one are you going to end up preferring is a matter of your personal choice.

None of the shaving tools mentioned above can be taken for granted and both of them have to be used at least once in order to compare and determine which one suits you best in terms of feel and controlling the facial hair.

Electric Shaver


using an electric shaverIf you happen to be an individual who shaves in dry as well as wet conditions alternatively, electric razor is going to be your best bet since it works best in both the conditions.

Are you mostly in a hurry? Are you unable to find time to access warm water or shaving cream at most of the times? Then you are in luck. The electric shavers provide you the luxury of enjoying a great shave without having to waste your time on such things.

One of the most distinguishing feature of this shaver type is that it isn’t only efficient, but does also happen to be portable as far as most of the models are concerned. It is an extremely high priority for most of the working males to be able to enjoy a great shave at anytime and anywhere without having to care about any additional products which may be required.

Electric shavers are considered particularly more useful for individuals who are not always in look of a smooth, close shave. While the electric shavers are incapable of providing as close shave as its manual counterpart, however, most of the models does allow the liberty of choosing how close of a shave would you like to have.

One of the most enticing features of an electric shaver is that it administers your facial hair at an even length. Therefore, if an even length of facial hair administration is all you are looking for and that also efficiently, electric shavers without a doubt is your best bet.


It is needless to mention here that as far as the upfront cost is concerned, a good electric shaving machine will cost you way higher as compared to its manual counterpart. However, it is understandable that in the long run, the electric razors do end up saving you a bit of money since you won’t have to buy the replacement razors or blades every once in a while like you have to do in case of manual razors.

Although the cordless nature of the electric shavers is a fascinating feature, however, the downside may include the battery pack dying right in the middle of a shave and leaving you stranded. In order to overcome this particular con, it is highly recommended for you to keep a rechargeable or disposable extra battery packs so that you won’t have to worry about getting stuck right in the middle of the shaving session. However, it does imply that the upfront cost of using an electric razor will be even higher.

Manual Razor


shaving with Manual RazorThe use of a manual razor along with a couple of shaving products and warm water is what is known as a wet shave.

According to the individuals who prefer to shave with safety razor, it allows them to have a closer shave as compared to the one that they would have gotten with an electric razor and the argument holds absolutely correct without any doubt.

This is exactly why the brands have been adding the blades on the manual razors to provide as close of a shave as possible for people who prefer such shaves. The greater the number of blades on your razor, the better will it perform when it comes to removing your facial hairs.

The removal of the top layer of your skin may as well be added to the list of benefits which enables you to have a smooth and soft skin.

Cons Of Manual Razor

One of the greatest downside of a safety razor and straight shaver is the need to constantly replace your razor or at least its blade in order to have the kind of shave that you desire. With the passage of time, the money that is spent on replacing the razor or blades of your manual razor may add up to the cost of an electric shaver kit.

There is no argument over the fact that your experience with the manual shaver may turn out to be offending since the probability of nicks and cuts is huge. No matter if you are new to using a manual razor or an expert, you are prone to getting such nicks and cuts every once in a while. Even if you are an expert, you will have to go through such a phase at least once in your lifetime.

It may as well be added to the list of cons that razor burns and skin irritation is all too common when it comes to using the manual razors, especially if you are a beginner and have not learned to do it the right way. However, the use of alum block on your hand may help a great deal in remarkably reducing such risks.

As mentioned above, which one amongst the electric or manual shaver is going to suit you best is a matter of your personal preference. However, with the help of the above mentioned information about an electric as well as a manual razor, the task of choosing between the two has surely been made convenient for you. If efficiency is all you are concerned with though, an electric razor is what you are looking for, period.