Want a Baby-Smooth Shave? You Will Never Guess What Men Are Using to Shave These Days!

Back in the day, men maintained a clean shave with a little help from a straight razor. Before safety razors or disposable razors were invented, straight razors were the go-to product for a baby-smooth face.

These effective razors were used with some degree of risk.

After all, there is a reason why safety razors earned their name; because they are safer to use than vintage straight razors. More simply put, you are far less likely to give yourself a nice, deep cut with a safety razor than you are with straight razors.

However, your mileage between the two (so-to-speak) really all depends on how you use the tools and if you know how to properly use the tool in the first place.

Men growing up in the last few decades were predominantly raised on the convenience and speed of safety razors, disposable razors, and electric razors. This is not all that surprising considering how time obsessed our society has become these days. We never seem to have enough of it, so convenience has become king. What is somewhat surprising is the growing group of men who are teaching themselves how to shave with a straight razor.

straight razor

Skillful barber. Young man getting an old-fashioned shave with straight razor

These men are not necessarily teaching themselves solely through trial and error. They are not relying on their fathers to give them the 411 on a straight razor shave either.

Instead, many of these men are turning to YouTube videos for clear and concise instructions on shaving with a vintage razor.

Safety is a major concern when an individual first learns to shave with a straight razor. There is a high likelihood that a bloodbath could ensue if the newbie is not careful. If you make a mistake with a straight razor, you will certainly pay for it.

As with anything else, this kind of shaving requires careful practice.

So, you may be wondering; why would anyone want to waste time using an antiquated device to shave when they could use a safer, faster tool? Mainly because it is macho and masculine. Some men feel emboldened by shaving with a straight razor. The danger and safety aspects are certainly appealing to some mean who like to push boundaries and face fear. Straight razor designs also allow men to create highly customized looks for themselves. Straight razor shaving allow men to feel well maintained without seeming overly polished or man-scaped. Also appealing is the low cost of the replacement blades and the eco-friendly nature of this shaving method. It is also cheaper than a barber razor‘s shave. Additionally, the blades tend to remain sharp and last longer than other types of razors.

If you seek one out, you will find that a straight razor kit is becoming increasingly easier to locate in stores as this trend continues to grow and expand. There is such a demand for these vintage razors that Proctor and Gamble acquired the shaving boutique the Art of Shaving back in 2009. The demand for straight razors and related supplies continues to rise at a fast pace. If you know a man who might like trying a straight blade razor, consider getting him a kit. He just might join the ever-expanding brotherhood of ballsy men who shave with a straight razor.